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Crossover Pasif F500 2 Way

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Crossover Pasif F500 2 Way are also included in two packaged two way component systems. Regardless of the driver complement chosen, the result is an incredibly linear frequency response with an extremely detailed low bass reproduction and excellent dispersion. Essentially a two way variant of the F500 model, utilizes a first order crossover slope for the woofer and a second order slope for the tweeter.

Crossover Pasif F500 2 Way


Crossover Pasif F500 2 Way The phase correct, shallow slope F500 crossover networks utilize the highest quality components selected and matched to extremely tight tolerances and offer impedance correction for the woofer and integrated protection circuits for the tweeter while enabling a linear frequency response and improved dispersion from the drivers, allowing such to be perfectly integrated into any vehicle.

Product Features Crossover Pasif F500 2 Way :

  • 2-Way Crossover System for Karaoke Speaker systems
  • Suitable for 8″, 10″, 12″, with 4 or 8 ohm speakers
  • Each crossover accepts 1 input, and offers 1 tweeter output
  • Up To 120 Watt RMS Power Handling, 12dB Per Octave Network
  • High Quality Coil Windings


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